The TenderAlpha Global Defense and Military Contracting News Feed contains news article and contract announcement reports about defense and military government contract awards in the US, the EU, the UK, and Russia.

Scope and Contents

150 000 news and contract announcement stories on defense and military government contract awards in the US, the EU, the UK, and Russia since 2016

Nearly 200 new contract award stories added every day

Articles are mapped to more than 3000 publicly-listed companies contract awardees

Over 100 000 private companies mapped to articles as contract awardees

Daily and intra-daily data updates

Use cases

High-frequency monitoring of large defense spending announcements enabling alpha signal detection (generating aloha) equity analysis

Enables zooming-in on sizeable defense and military contracts with immediate potential to affect stock performance of major defense suppliers

A unique framework for military build-up and defense investment as a predictive geopolitical risk assessment proxy

Geographical Coverage

  • US (federal)
  • Europe (EU-27, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia

Data Feed

The news feed creates a robust framework for global, regional, and sctoral economic analysis based on actual purchasing activity of the governments around the world.

Date of Publication Title Description Contract Amount More...
2016-04-27 SpaceX has been awarded a contract for lauch vehicle production, mission integration, and launch operations for a GPS III misson for the US Air Force. Read more... USD 82 700 000.00 ...
2017-05-22 Nexter Systems wins artilery systems and supporting logistics contract for DALO. Read more... DKK 410 000 000.00 ...
2016-04-27 Boeing (NYSE:BA) wins full service support contract for the UK Apache AH-64E helicopters. Read more... GBP 285 915 332.00 ...

Data Sources

Global online business publications (The Wall Street Journal, YahooFinance, Reuters, etc.)

Specialized defense media outlets (Defense Industry Daily, Breaking Defense, etc.)

Official public procurement portals

Defense department and ministries publications

Complementing the other TenderAlpha Data Feeds

Processes government contract awards information from general and specialized media sources, in addition to official government sources such as public procurement portals

Minimum delay between contract award announcement and delivery to the client

Zooms in on larger government contracts

Focus on defense industry

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