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Public Procurement Data

The only ticker-mapped global public procurement contract awards data product serving corporate, government and institutional investment professionals

Supply Chain Data

Collection and aggregation of global G2B and B2B transactions on daily basis used to build a unique government-level supply chain data product

Alternative Data Solutions

Key insights into the multi-trillion public procurement and global supply chain markets with data products specifically designated for investment analysis

4-Tier G2B Supply Chain

Monitor specific government spending verticals beyond direct awardees to subcontractors and suppliers of goods and services of critical importance

Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Risk assessment based on exposure to strategic competition on both corporate and government levels for geopolitical and investment scouting analysis

Multi-Tier Corporate Sustainability Analysis

Providing capabilities for monitoring both direct and indirect carbon footprint of a company by looking at all tiers of suppliers

Multi-tier Government Sustainability Analysis

The only tool for monitoring carbon footprint from a government agency perspective by looking at the four tiers of direct contract awardees and their suppliers and subcontractors

Quantitative Analysis

TenderAlpha provides the only ticker-mapped global public contracts data product with market signalling information on nearly 10000 stocks involved in government contracting.

Fundamental Analysis

Unlock the potential for fundamentally analysing the dynamic relationship between public buyers and suppliers highlighting corporate and government behaviour trends.

Macroeconomic Implications

We have created a robust framework for global, regional, and sectorial economic analysis based on the purchasing activity of the governments around the world.

Public Buyer Monitor

Benchmark public buyers’ purchasing activity to strategically plan your government business pipeline or to simply gain market competiveness insights.


We have developed powerful filtering options to highlight any issues of government transparency and related corporate risks.

TenderAlpha is everything you need to know on global public procurement and supply chain

Serving multiple use cases for government, corporate, and institutional investment clients

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