US Federal Government Subcontracting Data Feed Launched by TenderAlpha

At a glance:

  • Over $1.5 trillion in subcontracting cash flows since 2018
  • More than 320,000 unique contracts 
  • $430 billion subcontracted to public companies
  • 55,000 subcontractors worldwide

TenderAlpha is pleased to announce the release of its latest product, the US Federal Government Subcontracting Data Feed. This tool is designed to offer insights into the subcontracting practices of major US federal government suppliers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon, providing a clearer understanding of downstream government procurement processes.

The product complements our offering in the public procurement data space. It can be tied to our main Global Government Contract Awards Data Feed to provide intelligence into unexpected relationships between US federal government agencies and their indirect suppliers. 

These connections can support investment analysis, identify supply chain vulnerabilities, and serve as a risk monitoring tool. 

Federal Government Subcontracting Data Scope & Contents

With over 320,000 unique business-to-business contracts involving prime federal government contractors and their subcontractors, the dataset reveals a comprehensive picture of subcontracting dynamics. 

Valued at over $1.5 trillion, these contracts include significant participation from more than 900 ticker-mapped publicly-listed government subcontractors, cumulatively awarded over $430 billion

This treasure trove of data is meticulously curated from open government sources, ensuring its reliability and ease of integration with existing data feeds.

Data Points

The graph below offers a clear representation of the information available in TenderAlpha’s US Federal Government Subcontracting Data Feed. 

As visible from the image above, basic information about the awarding agency, the prime contractor (direct awardee), and the subcontractor (sub-awardee) is available. 

Data points include but are not limited to name and address, as well as listing status and ticker symbol (for contractors and subcontractors). 

The information about the actual contract covers its description, date of award, and total value. 

Full data dictionary is available upon request, so get in touch now to receive the dictionary and a free sample of our subcontract award data. 

Use Cases

Just like all the other TenderAlpha products, the US Federal Government Subcontracting Data Feed can serve a wide range of customers.

Typically, our government contracting and supply chain data feeds are used by hedge funds, credit rating agencies, corporate and government clients, and academic institutions. 

We have identified several use cases for our latest dataset in light of its ability to provide valuable insights into the relationship between federal contractors and subcontractors. 

Investment Risks and Opportunities

For investors, the subcontracting data feed opens up new avenues for assessing company valuations and future revenue potentials. 

By examining a subcontractor's activity, investors can gain insights into the company's financial health and its dependencies on government contracts and prime awardees, which in turn enables more informed investment decisions.

Supply Chain Monitoring and Analysis

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, our new product has strong supply chain implications. It showcases a federal agency -> prime government contractor -> subcontractor(s) connection, thus providing an overview of prime government awardees’ supply chain structure. 

By doing this, it can help identify potential vulnerabilities, such as suspicious foreign entities involved in the federal government’s supply chain. This could be the case if Chinese or Russian companies are found to be subcontractors to established government contractors. 

A while ago we found that Raytheon has more direct Chinese suppliers than from all other countries combined. So much so that some of the materials it uses to build aircraft and spacecraft for the US Government are 100% sourced from Chinese suppliers. You can read our analysis of Raytheon's supply chain here.

Test it out

TenderAlpha extends an invitation to explore the transformative potential of this data feed. As interest continues to grow among our clients, we encourage you to test it out. Contact TenderAlpha today for a complimentary trial.

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